Lake and Pond

One loved amenity of The Landings is a pond surrounded by cypress trees with a beautiful fountain and a gazebo.
Gazebo and FountainGazeboPond Fountain

Another asset is our location on spring fed West Lake and access to the lake available to all residents from the walking path.

Landings Path to Lake
Please observe the “No Swimming” signs, both at the lake and pond. This is Florida – and you can never tell ‘if and when’ there is wildlife or harmful bacteria in the water. Better to be safe than sorry!

Please Observe the “No Fishing” signs posted at the small pond… There is a good reason for it! The cypress trees provide a natural habitat for several species of waterfowl that claim the pond as their home. Native fish and at least two species of turtles inhabit our waters. While we give the benefit of the doubt that we are all responsible, debris unintentionally left behind can maim, kill or cause entanglement of these gentle creatures.
Please allow everyone to enjoy our aquatic assets by not disturbing our precious wildlife. Please remind your children and guests.

West Lake